success recipes

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Collectively, we spend numerous cycles thinking about success. We live in awe of the successful people on this forsaken Earth. We study them, write about them, interview them. We create content about success on all platforms.

Observing and understanding how the successful become successful is good. It illuminates the path for those still on the journey. At the same time, the obsession with understanding success breeds an idea that there’s a cheat code to success. If you find the magic elixir, success will come your way.

There are two truths to success: no two successes are borne of the same substance (we all have different circumstances) and the recipe to success is always the same. The second is of importance. The good thing and the worst thing about success is that there’s no success elixir. Behind every success is bountiful hours of work, dedication, consistency, grit, perseverance. There’s not a single success (other than winning the lotto and its variations) that was crafted minus these ingredients. Indeed, there must be talent (and a generous serving of luck) but at its core essence, success is a manifestation of hours of work and the desire to keep at it. In many ways, that’s a freeing thought. The success recipe is not special at all, that’s all there is to this game. Just do the work.